3 Comments on “Scripture Cannot Be Broken”

  1. Good morning Bill. I am enjoying your recorded sermon this morning as this was the first time I visited your church and listened to you speak. I have a tendency to think and speak in black and white terms and as a truth seeker, I tend to break areas of concern down to a root cause in order to make better “future” choices during my “spiritual walk with Christ”. I am often misinterpreted as seemingly “stoic” in my moral philosophy. However, when studying the (8) principles of stoicism, I am definitely not in agreement with “apathea”. I like your “black and white” style of communication, so in keeping with that, I will “assume” that I am “one of the two people who listen to your sermon…not on FB”. I have no problem using FB and understand that your time can be used more productively by eliminating this “other mode”.

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